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Saddle and Cleaning Stands

Saddle Cleaning Stands

Custom Hand Made Saddle Stands

Taking good care of a saddle will never be possible without the use of a saddle stand. This is the only means of properly storing a saddle thus, maintaining its original form and shape. People actually have two options in having saddle stands. It is either they buy one or they build their own.

Saddle Stand GroupTypically, people would save more if they consider making their own stand themselves but many people don’t have the tools or skill to. There are just so many different means of designing the stand, making it not only personalized, but also flexible with the space allotted for the stand. There are people who prefer to make wooden saddle stands.


The Basics
The majority of the saddles are framed. The said frame is called the tree. This is the part of the saddle that has to be supported properly during its storage. Basically, the tree of the saddle is made to suit the contours of the horse’s back. Typically, this shape is the pattern used in making a saddle tree. The flexibility of the leather used for saddles makes saddle sensitive. The inability to store the saddle correctly will change the form of the saddle. This should not be left unnoticed for this may lead to discomfort of horseback riders. Another goal of the stand is to keep the saddle from touching the ground. This is the reason why it should be better if the stand is mounted on the wall or if the stand has legs.


There are just so many ways in building and customizing saddle stands. What people need to do first is to assess what their needs are. This means that they need to decide how many saddles will be placed on the stand and the like. For heavier saddles though, like saddles weighing 50 pounds, it will be much better to create a stand for them instead. Creating a stand would definitely be able to support the weight of the saddles provided that it has legs that can endure that much of a weight. Still, just like what was mentioned earlier, the main goal would have to be to create a stand that fits the tree of the saddle. Failure to do this would just defeat the purpose of creating saddle stands.

The stands offered at Capallmaraceaird.com all offer the proper protection that a saddle needs to keep the shape that the saddle needs to stay in. Staying in this shape is beneficial to both the rider and the horse. With the strength and beauty of our stands, they are stylish either at the farm or in your home.

They are also lightweight which means they can be moved with little effort.